We render the following marketing services:

    • Working out marketing policy and plan;

    • Working out advertising policy and plan;

    • Conducting market research;

    • Formation of company strategy on the basis of information of internal and market researches;

    • Put forward proposals on new products and services;

    • Competitive intelligence and creation of a data base of Customer Relationship Management (CRM);

    • Determination of sales channels for the products and services of the company;

    • Application of new sales technology, training of the staff in this field;

    • Establishment of public relations of the company;

    • Making proposals on updating the website data of the Company;

    • Promotion activities for creation of good image for the Company and so on.


Marketing services proposed by Business Service Centre shall support to strengthening the place of your Company in the market. Working out marketing strategy, planning advertising activity and establishment of public relations are complex marketing services guaranteeing continuous development of your business.