About us

About us

Offering its knowledge and practice with its professional staff for about 20 years, “Business Service centre LLC” has been rendering comprehensive services to the companies and firms cooperating with it up to present since it started to function.

“BSC Group” has won trust of the well-known brands in Azerbaijan since 1997 namely, through attaching importance to these values while rendering legal, financial, accountancy and HR services. Contribution of “BSC Group”to success of a number of companies with different business activities by rendering them consulting services was particularly tangible. Namely, pleased clients' recommendations led to gaining new ones' trust by “BSC Group” as a logical result of successful work of the Company. At present, it is successfully cooperating with more than 100 companies with different missions and degrees of business complexity.

As a result of priority given to the corporative management principles by the head of the Company, it was awarded ISO 9001:2000 international certificate for quality assurance on July 17, 2004 and thus guaranteed full compliance of its services to international standards.

“Business Service Centre” guarantees the following regarding its relationship with its partners:

  • • Confidentiality in your business;
  • • Reliability;
  • • Professional consultations and services;
  • • Solution of problems with no time lost;
  • • Minimum expenses;
  • • Results leading your activity to success.