Ikram Fikratoghli


Company CEO

BSC Company

Inteeview with Ikram Fikratoghli

Question: What is the main idea of the Business Service Centre establishment?

Answer: The Company was established in 1997. The name and the backbone of its activity consist of rendering legal, financial, accounting, HR and management services, giving advice and rendering actual services in the foregoing fields to businessmen and to entrepreneurs trying to prove themselves and work in these fields, as well as their education in the aforementioned fields. Collapse of soviet governing system had had a negative impact on Azerbaijan, newly gained its independence, too.

Bureaucratic problems in the state governing system, paper chase led entrepreneurs having intention to run actual business to some doubts and fears. As a result of initiative, decrees by H.Aliyev, our former president, as well as signature of ‘Oil Contract' known as the contract of the century resulted in strengthening reliability and trust to the head of the Azerbaijan Republic leading to increase the number of companies intending to invest in the Azerbaijan economy. Due to superiority of law in the Azerbaijan Republic demand for legal, financial, accounting, HR and management services as a basis of our Company's activity had been increasing day by day. I.Aliyev, the head of the state protecting the principle of superiority of law has been following H.Aliyev's way.

Question: What sections and customer portfolios do you work with?

Answer: Our Company has been rendering professional legal, financial, accounting, HR and management services to businessmen and entrepreneurs, being fully specialized on these fields.

Setting up companies, legal regulation of their activities, financial and accounting awareness of customers related to tax environment, staff management and other services has been satisfying customers.

Businessmen applying to our Company receive the right answers to the questions they are interested in and get solutions without loss of time.

Question: How do you characterize business environment of companies and investors in Azerbaijan?

Answer: Business environment have already been developed well, main infrastructure and establishments are functioning despite of difficult early years after gaining independence. Azerbaijan is a country having self-confidence. Azerbaijani companies started doing work beyond its borders and the state fully supports cooperative sector, including our company, as our activity corresponds to its strategy. The Azerbaijani people trust their state.

Question: What are the existing problems that prevent the investment environment to become better in business one?

Answer: I think, there is a need for creation of free economic activity fields and it is under consideration of the government. As well as, banks have to provide a longer-term credit with low percentage rates. Besides, there is need to establish more industrial fields. I consider, in that case, foreign capital providers shall invest more decidedly in the country.

Question: What would you advise to potential capital providers going to invest in Azerbaijan?

Answer: They should be aware of the tax system, as there are a number of taxes in Azerbaijan. At the same time, they should have knowledge of company formation to be easy in our country.

Question: What is the significance of getting ISO certificate for the company of Business Service Centre?

Answer: Being the first legal company created after gaining independence we decided to function according to international standards. Our company is the only one having the mentioned certificate. The present certificate helped us to expand customer portfolio.

Question: What is your point of view on the economy during transitional period in Azerbaijan?

Answer: I consider 2013 to be very good. We observed rapid growth in 2004 and 2005, and we expect stronger economic growth, as Azerbaijan is already becoming the centre of alternative energy due to existence of nine climatic patterns out of 11, as well as very strong wind, numerous rivers and sunlight. Should Azerbaijan develop alternative energy industry, it shall facilitate the development of agriculture, industry and tourism. Turkey is leading the region, but I am absolutely sure that Azerbaijan can easily take the second or third place.