Vision and values

Vision and values


As “Business Service Centre” LLC we intend to become an international consulting company reaching beyond the country in rendering Legal, Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing services on a global basis.


We constantly focus on efficiency of the services rendered by us. The most important issue for the Company is continuously increasing efficiency and maintaining client satisfaction.


Correct evaluation of obtained documents and submitting precise information to clients are our basic and overriding priority. Precise and honest performance of our work is the main criterion of success in our long-term activity.


The information obtained in the course of work in our Company is kept in strict confidence. As “Business Service Centre” LLC, we guarantee to keep your data in high confidence. Confidentiality of information is even kept in high confidence after termination of a contract negotiated with you. “Business Service Centre” LLC gives priority to earning confidence of establishments cooperating with it.

Work Ethics

One of the values accepted by the Company has been to be faithful in the performance of work, develop working relationships within the frame of code of ethics since the establishment of the Company up to day.


Being high professionals, our team organizes its activity according to the latest regulations and novelty. Modern way of thinking is the personal quality of each team member.

High Efficiency

The goal of “Business Service Centre” LLC is to keep efficiency high and thus to render clients timely, precise and high quality services.

Respect for Human Being and Opinion

Rendering legal, accounting, marketing and human resources services, our company respects proposals and recommendations of its clients and cooperates with them sharing mutual respect.